Free Form Peyote Stitch Bracelet In Heated Gardens by Mary Harding

Item Description

This bracelet is handmade by Mary Harding with her ceramic beads and hand forged copper button.  Bracelet is made with the off loom beading stitch called Freeform Peyote Stitch.  This stitch is a variation of the peyote stitch but requires no pattern and no counting. Free form is an intuitive, create as you go kind of process. Before I begin a freeform peyote stitch bracelet, I choose the beads I am going to use.  For this one I knew I wanted to use those two flower beads in the center of the bracelet.  From there I went on to find seed beads that would enhance the colors in these two beads.  One other decision I made before starting to bead was that I would make an integrated button hole for the clasp.  That decision  has to be made before stringing any beads at all.  Then I made sure that I measured carefully so that I did not make the bracelet too long and began adding beads.

This bracelet which I call In Heated Gardens, measures  8 inches long including the button hole clasp.  It will fit well on a 6 inch and 3/4  to 7 inch wrist.  It can be adjusted  1/2  larger by asking me to move the button.   The widest part of the bracelet measures 1 1/2-2 inches  In Heated Gardens has been made with high quality glass seed beads, 2 raku ceramic beads, and one stoneware ceramic bead.  The button is made from pure copper sheet and  has been stamped and shaped.  Button has been sew onto the bracelet with a separate thread so that it can be adjusted without affecting the weave of the rest of the bracelet.

This bracelet is one of a kind piece of art.  It comes with a card tag signed by me to insure authenticity. I could not make another one like it.

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