Toggle Clasp Handmade Porcelain Ceramic Clay Ash Bark

Item Description

This Ash Bark Toggle Clasp is handmade from Porcelain Ceramic Clay. I has been fired to cone 5 (over 2100 degrees F) in my digitally controlled Ceramic Kiln. The texture of this rustic pendant is from the bark of an Ash tree that grows in Northern New York.  Currently this tree is under seige from the Ash Borer which is expected to wipe out this tree in the next 10 years.  I preserve many North County Plants in my work.  But I do not attempt to make the colors I use to be realistic renderings.  The toggle bar for this clasp is made by Miss Ficklemedia from pure copper and has been permanently colored.  Toggle bar measures about 1 1/4 in in diameter.  

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